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At CliniSanitas, you can get most of the medical services you need—all in one place with convenient hours and appointments that are easy to get. Read about our services here.

Wellness programs

No matter what shape you’re in, your way of life determines your quality of life. By paying attention to your lifestyle choices, you can stay healthier longer, and enjoy doing the activities you love. That’s why CliniSanitas offers wellness programs to help you make the most of your health. Choose from programs that focus on these three areas: weight management, smoking cessation and prenatal care.

Weight management program

Our CliniSanitas weight management program is designed to work closely with patients with high body mass index (BMI) levels to make life style changes for long-term sustained weight loss success. If you have diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, losing weight can significantly improve your health. Our program provides education and tools in the areas of nutrition and exercise as well as frequent monitoring, counseling and guidance from a multidisciplinary clinical team focused on helping you keep the weigh off.

Smoking cessation

We developed our CliniSanitas smoking cessation program to help those over 18 years of age quit smoking and improve their length and quality of life.

The program includes a team approach to develop a personalized plan to quit smoking, including a structured approach to learn your triggers and understand how to manage them without going back to smoking, ongoing monitoring, coaching and support as you quit smoking and Nicotine-replacement recommendations or on the different types of strategies and prescription medicines prescriptions written when clinically appropriate available to help you succeed.

Prenatal care

Our “Preparing for Parenthood” provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to all of our CliniSanitas pregnant patients and their partners, with the goal of preparing them for the pregnancy, childbirth and the new exciting life of parenthood. The program consists of eight educational sessions in the following topics for a 360-degree prenatal care for you and your baby:

1. Exercises 101 & discomforts during pregnancy

2. Nutrition during pregnancy

3. Hygiene and oral health

4. Exercises 102: baby stimulation during pregnancy

5. Family and affection.

6. Sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy

7. Breastfeeding

8. Labor

9. Newborn care