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Diana Zambrana, ARNP

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner


Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner


Bachelor in Science in Nursing, University of Sacret Heart, Puerto Rico

Family Nurse Practitioner, University of Turabo, Puerto Rico


About me

I was born and raised in Nicaragua before coming to the United States thirteen years ago with my son. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner is more than just a lifelong dream; it represents a commitment that I’m making to my community. This career allows me to positively impact the health and well-being of many patients and truly fulfills my life.

I want patients to know that at CliniSanitas we put more focus on health promotion and disease prevention. We do not want to wait for last-minute efforts to improve a patient’s health, but rather spend the time during each visit to listen, advise, and work with our patients on a plan to stay healthy.

When I take off my coat, I love spending time with my son and my husband. I also make a point to call home to my parents' everyday in Nicaragua. It’s really important for me to stay in touch with them.